DUTILE is established in 1994 and received an overwhelming response from market has opted for a long-term policy to produce quality products to keep its clients fully satisfied.

GULF TILE was founded in 1998 and through successive expansions has become a leader in the industry for indoor and outdoor floor and wall tiles, steps, risers, and other related products in the gulf region.


As the UAE progressively industrialises and diversifies its economy, We, a wholly-owned UAE national company has successfully established itself as one the largest indigenous producers of floor tiles and step & risers etc. in the region.

We are the only specialized manufacturer of MARBLEX (MonoLayer) tiles in new generation tiles, used as wall mounting and flooring for interior and exterior purposes.

We employ state-of-the-art technology to produce wide ranges of high quality and durability tiles virtually for any wall cladding and flooring applications. MARBLEX tiles have an advantages to use in multi storied buildings as being a monolayer tiles with thickness of 1.5 em means less weight as well as MARBLEX tiles are re-polish able at sight. The final touch of polishing at sight after laying will gives the mirror finish appearance as well as gives better resist result in absorption and dust accumulation.

Our modern purpose-built plant in the Al Quoz industrial area of Dubai employs state-of-art technology to produce a wide flooring, roofing and staircase, application from homes and offices, to schools, hotels, hospitals and factories.

Certifications show the actions we have taken to assure that our products can be a part of a healthy indoor environment. We believe in the importance of certifications from respected third-party organizations to give our consumers the utmost confidence in our products and our company. After all, we live and breathe our flooring. We carefully blends the funcationality of tile with the beauty and style of fine art.

Our plant consisting of six automated production lines operating 24 hours a day, has an annual capacity of 21.6 million square meters of tiles.

An independent division dedicated to the production of steps and risers, produces a further 90,000 R.M. in steps per annum. While more than 90% of the raw materials is sourced from within the UAE or from a neighbouring states, Our finished products are marketed through the GCC, Africa and Asian subcontinent. A strict quality control measures throughout the production process ensure that our products meet and even exceed international quality specifications.

Conscious of its corporate responsibility towards protection of the environment, we have equipped our plant with sophisticated dust protection filters and water recycling equipment to minimize the discharge of effluents. More than three percent of the land area around plant is green, underlining our commitment to a better world. With the most modem technology in terrazo industry, choicest raw materials sourced within UAE, GCC and Europe, our products are ranked among the best.


In order to establish technical integrity, we are fully equipped with a professional team of experienced technical Engineers and quality controller.

We keep our policy and aim to consistently provide quality products and service to satisfy the customer's needs and expectations, will ensure that the principle of continual improvement is established through solid and efficient quality objectives.

Quality assurance is the responsibility of every employee as well as the customer satisfaction is given always as top priority in every decision.

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